RYQJ-1100D Fully Automatic A4 Paper Cutting Machine from roll to 500 sheets

RYQJ-1100D Fully Automatic A4 Paper Cutting Machine from roll to 500 sheets
Product Details


?Machine with one roll with belt auto stacker:

RYQJ-1400D A4 Paper Cutting Machine 241.png

?Machine with two roll with belt auto stacker:

?The machine with five roll with belt auto stacker:

RYQJ-1400D A4 Paper Cutting Machine 350.png


This machine is specialist for horizontal and vertical cutting paper rolling materials to A4 ,A3, A2 size etc .it can be with 1 roll, or 2rolls, or 4 rolls etc

2.Main Technical Parameters

Model RYQJ-1100D RYQJ-1400D

Max unwinding diameter



Reference weight of cutting paper



Max cut width



Cutting length



Cutting speed



Cutting precision




AC380V/220V x 50HZ

AC380V/220V x 50HZ

Total power



Main function

1) can be 1 roll,2roll,4 rolls loading

2) With paper stacker

3) With round cutter for slitting

4)With belt transferring

3.Performance and Characteristics:

?Adopts pneumatic automatic materials loading system with much easy operation and convenience

?Adopts down-up recurrent cutting with orderly finished products and without water caltrop;meantime,it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time

?It adopts servo motor for controlling constant-length cutting?

?It adopts PLC control, contact screen operation

?It adopts pneumatic, displacement sensor for controlling transmission system, with photoelectric, gas together, it has the function of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise.

This machine has the function of the frequency converter timing device, automatic counting, stop working by alarm ,magnetic powder tension control, can be vertically, adopt blower fan to get rid of waste

?It has the functions of high-precision of cutting, high speed,etc . pneumatic structure combined with computer control be adopted for transmission section ,making it become much more steady operation

?It has the function of automatic stacking which is in order . Photoelectric auto tracing subtense system

Main Specification for RYQJ-1100D WITH 1 ROLLS :

1.Unwinding unit 

(1)Machine shelf adopts cast quality steel plate

(2)Adopts airpressure automatic lifting function

(3)Lifting adopts 150 model double cylinder start 

(4)Magnetic powder tension control system (1set)

(5)Control type :Use potentiometer control

(6)Tension control scope : 3-50kg

(7)Tnesion magnetic powder use 10kg controller     (1set)

(8)Material pulling rolls adopts air shaft type (1 unit f74×1150mm)

(9)Transmission guid roll:aluminum guide roll by active balance treatment(1 unit f70×1150mm)

(10)Matrial can be adjustable righ and left

(11)Control type:Pneumatic control 

(12)Error correction motor adopts 130 model sychronization motor drive

(13)Photo electric for error-correction (pecision+-0.2mm) Sensor made in Taiwan ( 1 units)

2.Main machine part

(1)Shaft :Trough steel and high quality steel plate structure in 10mm thickness

(2)Trough beam style stell:40×80×1600mm

3.Traction device:

(1)Strcuture style:active traction and passive press fasten style

(2)Based seat is casting structure  ( 1set)

(3)Traction roller is rubber roller(Spec:2unit f85×1150mm)

(4)Press fasten styple: controlled by pneumatic

(5)Press fasten cylinder:(2unitf40×20mm )

(6)Transmission guide roller: aluminum guide roller(Spe.:5unitf74×1150mm)

(7)Traction motor adopts servo motor 2.6kw,Drive in-phase fix the length   

(8)Length can be adjustble by PLC

4 . Material delivery structure:

(1)Adopt motor and shift gears combination ways

(2)Main motor: speed adjusted by transducer

(3)Transducer: Edison brand (America)

(4)Drive style: drove by main motor and traction through active roller

(5)Transmission: adopts triangle belt and belt wheel together structure

(6)Material-delivery: adopts floating backrest structure for buffer action to keep material

(7)Floating upper and lower tension adopts pneumatic traction Cylinder specification:(1unit f50×150mm )

(8)Floating guide roller: adopts aluminum guide roller(spe.:3unitsf74×1150mm)

(9)Whole material-delivery structure will be controlled by displacement sensor

5 . Cutting Unit

(1)Cutting style: fix well the lower cutter and cut actively by upper cutter

(2)Cutter holder: adopts casting heavy style structure

(3)Slip bearing(2unit)

(4)Fount (2 unit)

(5)Lubricating oil can be recycled using

(6)Both upper and lower cutters adopts bar style imported balance silicic steel cutter

(7)Cutting blade (Spec.Thickness×width×Length:15×80×1150mm)

(8)Cutter position can be adjutable by hand

(9)Active transmission style: main motor transmission equipped with derailleur enable centrifugal wheel joined with connecting pole to run cutter reciprocating

(10)Main motor: by transducer speed adjusting (1unit)

(11)Transducer: Edison brand (America)1.5kw(1unit)

(12)Transmission: adopts gear wheel and chain wheel together structure

(13)Centrifugal wheel(2unit)

(14)Connecting pole (2unit)

6 . Slitting Unit 

(1)Slitting way: Bottom blade initiative, drive upper balde to slit.

(2)Adopts round cutters

(3)Upper cutter shaft adopts steel shaft ( 1 unit f45 x 1500mm)

(4)Upper round cutters is made form shanghai Shenlong group (f45 x 14.2x105mm)

(5)Bottom cutter shaft adopts steel shaft (spe. 1 unit f55 x 1500mm)

(6)Bottom round cutter adopts shanghai shenlong cutter (f55 x 14.2 x 80mm) 

(7) Slitting precision : ±0.2mm

7.Electical control part:(connect with main machine) 

(1)Control system:Main machine control,tension control,adjusting control

(2)Main machine control:Main motor control,traction control,material delivery control,cutting control (touch screen is PANASONIC PLC control)

(3)Tension control :Unwind tension,the speed of control scope is wide, good performance whatever the speed

(4)Electrical meter counting,alrarm stop,auto length-position functions Above electrical components is Delixi brand in China.

(5)All the switchs are made in “schneider” Germany

8.Delivery device:

(1)Automatic meter counting and stop

(2)Automatic delivery when reach the numbers setup in PLC(delivery motor is 1.5kw)

(3)Delivery table with belt(1000mm)

9.Other condition:

(1)Power supply :Three phases four lines air siwitch, 380V / 50Hz (can be made according to users

(2)Air source:Max 5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min

RYQJ-1400D A4 Paper Cutting Machine 6743.png





Spare parts

Round cutter

5 sets

roud blade

10 pics

Cross cutter

2 pic

Mechanical Shaft


Electrical parts


2 unit


3 unit

minute watch

1 unit


2 unit

Hall switch

1 unit

Error correction plate

1 unit

Tension plate

1 unit

Precison Electrograph

1 unit

Air parts

Air joint

1 unit

hand rotate valve

1 unit

adjust valve

1 unit

air cylinder

1 unit

air pressure watch

2 unit

oir cup

2 unit

air gun

2 unit

air neb

5 unit

Tool box

monkey wrench

1 unit

hatch wrench

1 unit

oil gun

1 unit

Inner hexagonal wrench

1 unit

shape screw driver

1 unit

shape screw driver

1 unit

double head wrench

1 unit


double head wrench

1 unit


double head wrench

1 unit


cushion of machine

10 unit

Operation manual


5.More pictures:

Round cutters for slitting and collectiong table:


Back viewing of the machine:


Unwinding rolls:


Customer testing machines:

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