RYFC Full Automatic Down Folder Gluer

RYFC Full Automatic Down Folder Gluer
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RYFC-900 automatic carton gluer is designed and made to match printing, slotting, folding and gluing and stacking. It has functions of deliverying, smearing glue,folding, shaping up and counted stacking automatically.It adopts PLC control, touch screen operating and prestore and manage orders.Its high-speed producing ability, changing order quickly and good stability can satisfy the shorter and shorter delivery cycle requests from our carton clients completely.
Main models and specifications:
Machine speed: 250 p/min
Max.paper size: 2200x 900mm
Min.paper size: 750x 320mm (including tongue side)
Suitable paper: less than 9mm 3 layers, 5 layers
Bond: Poly Acetic-Ethylene Emolsion PVA

1.Working Flow Chart

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2. Function description for folder gluer
Gluing Part: Gluing part adopts non stop method or gluing system to avoid the glue solidified and gluing wheel gap is easily adjusted. The dial can suit gluing for the paperboard with thickness between 1 and 12mm. The gluing volume is easily adjusted.
The belt speed for upped and down bridge is adjusted synchronously with the speed of production spe ed for floxo printer slotter . At the same time, the folding belt , conveyor belt and production speed for floxo printer slotter are almost same to avoid folding gluer part and flexo printer slotter part are not synchronous, which may lead to paperboard jammed and achieved precise delivery.
Upper and lower belt speed can be regulated respectively, i.e.if their speed is different, it can be adjusted to the same speed.
Folding paperboard adopts belt or rubber roller way, which is convenience for adjusting folding angle.
Paperboard piling and counting part.
Piling paperboard adopts machinery way and sensor to achieve fully automatic.
The counter (sensor) for counting carton quantity is easily set and reliable.
Paperboard piling adopts computer counting and exact pushing.

3. Specification
Technical Data according to specification of flexo printer slotter

Max speed


Max pile height(mm)


Min pile height(mm)


Max quantity one pile(pieces)


Min quantity one pile(pieces)


Each min max pile


Max sheet size (mm)


Min sheet size (mm)


Glue flap side Max size(mm)


other side Max size(mm)


Totally Length
(with out automatic strappling machine)(m)


Flute and board suit for


Part 2
1. Glue by gluing wheel and spraying system, both can working accord customer requirement. 
2.Transmitting with belt (The whole process with vacuum absorption, can equip power baffle)
3.Tidying and auto counting part(Counting automatically, push out pneumatically and can equip additional automatic sealing machine)

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