MJNC-2 NC Cutter

MJNC-2 NC Cutter
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MJNC-2 series NC paperboard cutter is mainly used for the transversely cutting of the corrugated paperboard, single-face paperboard, industrial paperboard. It is connected to the high-speed 7-layer, 5-layer, 3-layer corrugated paperboard production line and single-facer line. It has high working speed and high cutting precision. The Computer control system use German servo control technology. The technology is advanced all over the world.
1. Computer control intercourse servo controller drives the motor working, has high cutting precision.
2. Have following special functions: Order can be real-time input, the computer can save many different orders, edit, modify, save, real-time monitor (parameters of speed, cut length, rest length, production process and so on.), automatically change order (change in order, change by force), output, alarm for the rest order and so on.
3. Instantaneously control cutting length and numbers, can modify, add or cancel at any moment.
4. The transmission gears are dealt with grinding, spray lubrication.
5. High-quality alloy spiral knife, exactly gears driving, cutting is stable and smooth.
6. Intercourse servo cutting control, high precision, high efficiency and high credibility.
7. Frequency conversion control the transportation of input & output paperboard, synchronize with the production line.
8. Certain length, color-mark tracing the cutting, automatically change order.
9. Colorful touch-screen for easy operation, control and monitor.
10. Run in-phase with the paperboard production line.
Technological Parameters
Working width: 1600mm – 2500mm
Max. Cutting speed: 200-250m/min
Cutting length: 500mm – 9999mm
Cutting precision: ±1mm
Power: 7.5kw - 15kw.
Width of the production line: 1600,1800,2200mm
Speed of the production line: <250m/min
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