MJNC-5 Mechanical Corrugated Paperboard Cutter

MJNC-5 Mechanical Corrugated Paperboard Cutter
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MJNC-5 series Mechanical Transversely Paperboard Cutter is mainly used for the transversely cutting of the corrugated paperboard, single-face paperboard, industrial paperboard. It is connected to the middle or low-speed 7-layer, 5-layer, 3-layer corrugated paperboard production line and single-facer line. 


1. Frequency conversion motor drive. 

2. Instantaneously control cutting length and numbers, can modify, add or cancel at any moment. 

3. High-quality alloy straight knife, exactly gears driving, cutting is stable and smooth.

4. The transmission gears are dealt with grinding, spray lubrication. 

5. Frequency conversion control the transportation of input & output paperboard, synchronize with the production line. 

6. Run in-phase with the paperboard production line.

Technological Parameters

Working width:1600mm – 2500mm

Max. Cutting speed: 60m/min

Cutting length: 400mm – 2400mm

Min. Cutting width: 200mm.

Cutting precision: width: ±1mm, length ±2.5mm (in stable speed)

Diagonal precision: ±4mm

Power: 7.5kw - 15kw.

Width of the production line: 1600,1800,2200mm

Speed of the production line: <60m/min

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