RYMA550 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine

RYMA550 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine
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                                  FEEDER                                                             PLC TOUCH SCREEN


1. Adopting automatic feeder, so that the feeding, laminating, separating can totally inline for laminating job.

2.the overlap use servo –motor control , when operating the machine just need to set the paper length on   touch screen, the machine can run automatically , the overlap  tolerance is about  ±2mm.

3.the heating roller is use heat transfer oil, the temperature meter is inside the oil, not touch with the roller surface, so that get the accurate temperature. 

4. Adopt the jogger for collecting the paper, after pneumatic separating paper can collect well with the vibrating table, no need extra people for collection.

5. Use pneumatic pressure, and can get bigger pressure, and easier for usual maintained.

6. The main electrical products use import and Taiwan produce, to make sure the stable for running the machine.

7. Use the anti-curve for thin paper, make sure the thin paper after laminating is not decline and difficult for paper collection.

8. The film loading is using the air shaft, easy loading, the film feeding use pneumatic brake blocked, have very stable tension.

Technical Parameter:



Max laminating size


Min laminating size


Max speed


Laminating temperature

Normal - 130?

Paper weight




Total Weight


Overall Dimensions


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