RYL-1600 MQB Corrugated paper board Automatic Die-cutting And Stripping Machine

RYL-1600 MQB  Corrugated paper board Automatic Die-cutting And Stripping Machine
Product Details

It is key equipment for die cutting, creasing and embossing of box, carton and label etc. packing products. The machine adopts high-precision indexing intermittent, pneumatic die-lock mechanism, air clutch, over-load protection mechanism, electric pressure adjust mechanism, ensuring smooth and high speed running. It also equipped with preloading mechanism, vice feeding mechanism, speed-variable paper conveying mechanism, auto lubrication system, Main driving base lubrication oil chilling system etc. exerting the machine’s full potential. 

All electric parts and driving parts are all from internationally famous brands, ensuing the stability of high speed running and high precision of die cutting. PLC and electronic code real-time monitor whole machine running, diagnosing malfunctions conveniently. Big size man-machine interface display machine running state, malfunction point and trouble-shooting ways. 

Feeding part


The feeding device is designed for feeding all kinds of sheet with high speed.
The secondary feeding mechanism can actualize non-stop constant feeding.
Reliable separating device and 4-8 suckers ensure better applicability of feeding.
Convenience for adjustment of pressure reed and hairbrush's location ensures the reliable sheet separating and smooth feeding.
Feeding pile manual transverse mobile device makes operation convenient and flexible

Conveying Part


Conveying is stable and locating is accurate. Sheet location can be adjusted in the course of running.
Side lay locating device of excellent performance ensures accurate location.
Side lay detection device adopts photoelectric control to ensure accurate detection.
Reduction gears when paper is into place reduce the rebound force when being conveyed fast, which ensure accurate location of thin paper at high speed.

Die cutting and creasing part


Precise drive gears and servomechanism ensure the stable performance with high die cutting speed. When overpower occurs, overpower protection mechanism deflects driving mechanism and driven mechanism.
Pneumatic closed up mechanism makes the operation of change of plate easier and closed up stable.
Adjustable die cutting plate frame makes lockup of various sized plate more convenient.
High hardness die cutting steel plates are adopted to make themselves more durable. And 5+2(3+1) mm separated die cutting steel plates are convenient for storage.
Advanced imported pneumatic clutch braking system is safe and reliable. And its service life is longer.

The stripping part


The motive power for stripping parts is offered directly by driving axis, reducing driving links and making driving more steady and reliable.
The stripping stand can be pulled out, which makes the installation of stripping plate easier.
Up frame, middle frame and down frame are adopted in stripping mechanism.
There are two stripping modes including needle mode and plate mode to be selected according to die cutting works. Operation of change of plate is convenient, location is accurate and running is smooth.
Convenient operation and high automatically reduce the labor intensity.

Delivery part


Delivery part with side even and back even devices ensures that paper delivery is tidy and orderly.
Extension hairbrush mechanism can stabilize the delivered sheets.
The automatic secondary delivery mechanism speeds up the efficiency of work by non-stop delivery.
Non-stop sampling mechanism can actualize the inspection of die cutting sheets at any moment.


Max. Sheet Size


Min. sheet size


Max. Die cutting size


Front Margin


Die cutting precision


Max Die cutting pressure


Cardboard Specification


Corrugated paper


Max. Die cutting speed

7500 sheet/h

Max Height of feeding pile


Total power


Max Height of Delivery pile


Overal size(L*W*H)


Total weight


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