RYKM1600 Automatic Printer Slotter

RYKM1600 Automatic Printer Slotter
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ROYAL PACKING is a member organization of packing technology association of China. ROYAL PACKING has passed through ISO 9001:2000 management of quality system attestation. ROYAL PACKING covers the area of 58000m2 with more than 120 employees, more than 20 of whom are technical staffs. ROYAL PACKING specialize in printer slotter die cutter. It has not only long production history and rich making experience, but also high quality process equipment and computer production management system. Our company lay stress on absorbing talents very much. Workers with college diplomat take possession of thirty percent. Our company has ever cooperated many times with carton machinery factory from Taiwan?Japan?Korea. Getting technical guide and help from personnel of the same trade.
Seeking perfection is eternal goal of ROYAL PACKING. We are not afraid of fearful winds and terrific blows. We stand tides bravely. We educate proud track record with diligence and wisdom and draw magnificent blueprint with new enterprises appearance.


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Printing units

can be chosen according to users' needs

Printing Paperboard

A.B.C.E 3/5/7 layer corrugated board

Machine Speed

120 sheets/min

Economy speed

80-100 sheets/min

Max. Paper Size

1600×2600 mm

Max. Printing Size


Max. die cutting size


Min. Paper Sizes

Positive knife420×700mm; inverse knife 420×800mm

Printing registration precision


Printing-plate adjustment left and right position


Standard Printing Plate Thickness


Cardboard thickness


Max. slit corner Width


Max. stack height


Printing Roller(Plus Printing Plate Thickness)


?Control system: Siemens PLC, production order can be saved and recalled to save changing time. Memorize system for easy operation and maintenance.
?Vacuum feeder, stable and accurate. rubber roll and ceramic roll on the feeder with high friction to ensure the transfer stability and accuracy.
?Printing: Adopt famous brand anilox roll and rubber roll to ensure high-quality printing.
?Slotter: computerized control the box length, Box width and box height are motorized adjusting, fast and convenient.
?Die cutter: independent engine drive controlled by KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting accuracy. Surface speed compensation system. Die cylinder shifts when running to prolong the life of rubber anvil.
?Gears are made of high-quality chrome steel, heat treated and grinded to ensure the high stability and precision.
?Bearings and electrical components are all famous brand in Taiwan and in China.
Introduction to the lead feeder:
?Lead edge feeder: Lead edge feeder system to increase suction for precise and more stable feeding. Variable frequency drive control for vacuum air and pressure can be adjusted to match different size of paperboard.
?Feeding rolls: Rubber roll and rough surface ceramic roll (with low pressure but high friction)assist to ensure the transfer stability and precision, protecting the corrugated board from damage.
?Dust removal device: the cleaning brush and the suction fan can clean the dust on surface of corrugated board to improve the printing quality.
?Side stop is motorized control. Flapping device to make the sheet pile in good shape.
?Control system
A.All the information can be showed and adjusted in the main touchscreen. The phase of each unit, box height can be setted in the main touchscreen,
B.Memory system: Production orders can be saved and recalled to save changing time.
C.Ink alarm system, the buzzer sounds when the printing unit be lack of ink.

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Introduction to printing unit:
?Memory system for easy operation and maintenance.(This system can help to remember position of printing cylinder when operator stop the machine and open it to adjustment on printing plate. After finishing adjustment and close the machine sections, people can use this system to make printing cylinder return to the former position (before stop and open sections).
?7.0 inch touchscreen on the printing unit,The printing register is computerized control. The printing cylinder is motorized and computerized moved axially(±5mm).
?Mounting plate system to save the changing plate time. foot switch is used to turn the printing cylinder when mounting the printing plate.
?The anilox roll lift up and separate from the printing plate automatically when sheets are not feeded. And the anilox roll keep running when lifted up to prevent the ink from drying.
?Self-locking and fast move of the feeding wheels on printing unit.no need to fix the feeding wheels by screws.

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Introduction to the slotting unit:
?Single shaft double knives slotter,7.0 inch touchscreen on the slotter, the box length and box width are motorized,box height is controlled by PLC and can be stored in the computer, saving the changing time in future.
?The up knife,lower knife, pre-creaser and creaser are synchronously moved. The precision liner slideway can ensure the flexible and stable of moving.
?The up creaser wheel is covered by rubber anvil to protect the corrugated board from damage.
?Flexible corner cutting knife can cut 3,5 and 7 layer corrugated board without adjustment.Easy to operate.
?The cutting knife is made of high quality alloy steel, knife thickness 7mm.
?Hand hole punching device is optional.

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Introduction to the stacker:
?Independent drive for the paper taking belt and the transporting belt, speed can be separately control.
?A 7.0 inch touchscreen on the stacker, manual and auto working model is optional.
?The paper taking arm is manual operation. The paper stacking height can be chosen freely.
?The paper feeding platform lift up and down by chain. A falling protector is adopted prevent the platform form falling down which can ensure the safety of operator.
?the inclination of paper taking platform is changing as the height of the paper. Brake is installed to fix the platform's position.
?when the paper stacking height reach the set point. the paper collector wing will hold the paperboard pneumatically.
?A flapping device on the feeder can make the stacking sheet pile in good shape.
?Maximum stacking height:1600mm.

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Detailed specification:






Lead edge feeder

Qingdao Helijia

4 row type

Feeder wheel from Taiwan Chaoni

Air volume of feeder

Electric adjustment

Digital display

Front baffle gap


Sync Adjustment

Side baffle position

Electric adjustment
left-right independent

Feed roller gap

Manual adjustment

feed roller

Rubber roller

Double shaft

Dust removal device


Printing unit

Print type

Top printing

Roll to roll transfer

Phase(printing registration)

Computerized adjustment

Printing-plate thickness


Hanging plate

Scraping ink type

Rubber roller scraping ink system

Steel anilox roller


line/square inch

Ceramic anilox roller


line/square inch


Rubber roller

Diameter ?220mm

Printing-plate hanging type

Manual and full hanging slot with lock device

Stand-alone fast hanging drive system

Mounting plate

Imprint gap

Manual adjustment

Press plate gap

Manual adjustment

Anilox roller/rubber roller gap

Manual adjustment

Ink Pump Brand

Fine quality in China

Diaphragm Pump

Panel phase-setting

Controlled by PLC


Slotting unit

Slotting structure

“ Single shaft ”

front and back blade coaxial type

Slotting phase

Computerized control

Box height

Computerized control

Slotting blade

Thickness 7mm

Serrated blade

Slitter blade

Double Edge

Flexible type

Slotting blade
creaser wheel Horizontal Position

Electric adjustment

Creaser pressure

Manual adjustment

Slotting blade gap

Manual adjustment

Slotting blade shaft

Shaft Diameter :?175mm

Creaser wheel

Shaft Diameter ?175mm

Two-piece type

Panel phase setting


Controlled by PLC

Die cutting unit

Die engine

Servo engine

Independent drive

Controlled by KEB servo system (Germany)

Die cutting gap

Manual adjustment

Die cutting roller phase

computerized adjustment

digital display

Pull paper feed roller gap

Manual adjustment

Feeding roll location

Rapid shiftingdevice

Self-lock device

Die cutting roller


Thikness 40mm

Seamless steel tube

Rubber Anvil roller


Die rubber from Taiwan Chaonai

Seamless steel tube

Speed difference compensation

Precision speed recovery type

Automatic speed difference compensation system

Rubber anvil repair

Electric Turning Type

Panel phase setting



Paper taking arm

Belt type

Pneumatic lift adjustment


Paper collection speed

Inverter Control

Frequency Regulation

individual adjustment

Paper collection lifting

PLC control

Frequency Regulation


Back paper collection

Manual position adjustment

Main parts:






Touch Screen

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10.4 inches



RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9098.png


Servo control system

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9242.png



RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9270.png


Inspecting component

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9309.png

Nutonics/South Korea

Steel AniloxRoller

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9356.png



Thickness 25mm

Ceramic Anilox Roller(Optional)

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Rubber Roller

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 9472.png



Thickness 20mm


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Thickness: 60-80mm

Made of 40 Chrome steel after high frequency hardening and

Machine Wall

Thickness 60mm

high strength cast iron

Lower printing roll


Thickness 20mm
High-strength steel

Guiding Roller


High-strength steel

Up slotting shaft


Lower slotting shaft



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Electrical elements

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10113.png


Main Motor

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10145.png



converter motor

Blower of feeder

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10300.png



Die-cutter motor

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10337.png


servo motor

Die rubber

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10472.png

Thickness: 8 mm

Chaonai/Tai Wan

Feeder wheel

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10623.png

Chaonai/Tai Wan

lower Die-cutting Roller

RYYKM1600 automatic printer slotter 10670.png

seamless steel tube of Dia.487mm

Thickness 40mm

Upper Die-cutting Roller

Seamless steel tube of dia. 468mm

Thickness: 35mm

Service commitment and quality assurance from manufacturer
The quality assurance is made up of three parts:
1.The performance of the machine is of good quality( service is offered for free if the electrical equipment software need to be upgraded).
2. Provide a good technical guidance.
3. Provide operate manual?common faults removing manual?circuit diagram, the manufacturer provide training for free in theory and in practice.
Acceptance standard
(1)Cardboard standard
1.The seller sold the machines to ensure perfect fit A, B, C, E shaped three ply corrugated board and A, B, C, E corrugated board with five, and seven post-processing program, Kraft's weight ranged from 125g to 250g and corrugated weight ranged from 105g to 150g.
(2)Testing standards
1.Corrugated cardboard must be acceptable level of quality for the market, its curvature degree can not exceed bending coefficient of 0.015mm. This factor refers to when the cardboard width of 600mm the height difference between the bending cardboard, and the test cardboard can be according to this proportionality factor, but the maximum bending does not exceed 15mm, for example:
Cardboard widthbending height bending factor
1000mm 15mm 0.015mm
2.Print material should be of good quality and free from fouling, printing-plate alternative.
3.For testing the cardboard size range: the scope of any size within the mechanical design specifications.
Speed measurement: Cardboard according to the machine maximum size of 70% and minimum size of 40% to design machine speed, with sizes of 600 × 800, the speed can reach 80% of design speed. The aforementioned machine speed can guarantee accuracy of the following functions. If print drag must be added.
4.Print quality: within the printed size range the first color printing with cardboard edge as a reference point, register accuracy range of ± 1mm, second color, third color and fourth color use the first color as a reference point, register accuracy range of ± 1mm,can not have free print or printed color uneven availability phenomena, and do not left ink in the non-printing part.
5.Slotting register: Slotting unit can produce three and five, and seven corrugated board, the direction of the machine function registration accuracy range: ±1mm
6.Testing standard
In accordance with the above conditions, the machine should be able to continue function under the provisions of the highest speed for at least two hours in the period of machine testing.

Service purpose

Pursuing innovation, quality is nature, integrity is life, service the customer with my all heart.

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