Feed preparation equipment

Date:Feb 26, 2016

Is fibrous raw material before cooking or grinding, cooking or grinding processes require preprocessing and processing equipment, is divided into non-timber fiber stock preparation equipment and wood fiber stock preparation equipment. They have cut the grass, Reed and cane depithing machine, which has peeling machine, cutting machine and so on.

Cut tablets machine is will production pulp by needed of logs cut into must specifications of wood of machine, is divided into disc type and drum type two class; cooking device is will paper raw materials in the of wood pigment dissolved Yu cooking liquid, makes paper raw materials separation for fiber of equipment, is divided into intermittent type and continuous type two class; mill wood machine is production mill pulp of equipment, by production can is divided into intermittent type and continuous type two class, by logs of pressure way and can is divided into hydraulic pressure type and mechanical pressure type two class;

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