Laminating machine

Date:Feb 26, 2016

Laminating is a plastic film coated with adhesives, associate it with a substrate of paper prints, rubber roller and heated roller press together to form a combination of paper and plastic products. After laminating of printed matter, due to surface a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, surface more smooth and shining, not only improves the gloss and color fastness of the printed materials, extending the life of print, taking plastic waterproof, anti-fouling, wear and folding resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion protection. If you use transparent gloss film lamination, laminating products printing graphics and text colors more vivid, rich icing, especially for commodities such as food packaging, can cause loss of appetite, desire for consumption. If using a matte film laminating, laminating products will give consumers a noble, elegant feeling. Therefore, reusable packaging can significantly improve the packaging of printed matter after grade and added value.

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