Lubrication characteristics

Date:Feb 26, 2016

Paper machinery working environment is moist and high temperature, some devices with shock loads, thus the main considerations in the selection of lubricants the emulsification, water resistance, heat resistance and oxidation stability of load performance. Lubrication points on the paper machine, in principle, are closed. Paper machine wet end of the Headbox to the press section of the bearing shell with waterproof bearings are sealed into overflow caused by cross-contamination and grease. Dry section of the paper machine is when it runs at a higher temperature by using central lubrication station to pressure feed lubrication to the bearing lubrication and heat dissipation. Wet end grease lubrication points, the use of manual patrol check on a regular basis, changing the way the grease, it often refers to the dry section of central lubrication the lubrication system and all transport, oil pipelines and oil installations.

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