Pulp and paper machinery lubrication

Date:Feb 26, 2016

Machinery, including preparation of pulp, pulp and two types of equipment. Machinery lubrication characteristics of paper pulp is working environment humidity, high temperatures, and impact loads. General requirements for better heat resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance to emulsification and rust-proof and so on, antioxidant anti-rust oil with viscosity of 46-100. Also has good heat resistance and mechanical stability of the 2nd or 3rd composite calcium, sodium or lithium grease and use graphite or molybdenum disulfide grease. Pulp-cooking equipment for high working temperature of bearings and gears, often use industrial gear oil or grease lubrication. General lubrication of the mechanical parts of pulp has bearings, worm, reducer, closed, open gear, have been involved in industrial gear oils, hydraulic oils, L-CkC L-HL; calcium base grease, complex calcium base grease, general purpose lithium base grease, graphite grease types, such as lithium and semi fluid grease.

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