CNC Corrugated Roller Grinding Machine To Iran

CNC Corrugated Roller Grinding Machine To Iran

Date:Jan 25, 2018

RYMGK8280 CNC Corrugated Roller 

Grinding Machine

RYMGK8280 is used for grinding corrugated rolls, it can make steel roll to be flute roller which will be used on single facer machine. 


Machine adopts Siemens 828D CNC system to control which has powerful processing function. 


Machine components are used famous brand which make machine more stable and useful.


Standard cover for machine is normal steel with nice color, and customer also can reauired the stainless steel cover as photo show


Container loading is arranged at 8:00, Jan.20th, 2018, but the weather and traffic is really bad, so container arrive time is 18:00, and all workers finish loading till 23:00, it is very hard work on such cold night


You are laborious ! Thank you for your hard work!!


Container leave and we sure customer will satisfied



Welcome customer to communicate with you if you have interest!!!

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