RYX-320 Luxury Top Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine For Europe Market

RYX-320 Luxury Top  Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine For Europe Market
Product Details

RYX-320 Intermittent Label offset printing machine is a perfect design for various labels with its PS plate high printing quality, offset printing machine is roll to roll printing, it is an ideal choice for the high-grade adhesive labels.

A. RYX-320 offset printing machine special characteristics :

1. The whole control system adopts the latest famous Germany microcomputer servo control and operation system, featuring stable and correct material pulling, free exchange of printing rollers and rapid, convenient and simple operation.

2. Printing unit: It adopts truly high quality heavy-duty offset printing units consisting of 19 pieces of ink rollers (including 4 pieces of form rollers) and 4 pieces of water rollers. With excellent ink path system, it can effectively prevent ink bars and ghost shadow, improving printing quality. The printing fineness and clarity is unrealizable for relief printing machines.

3. Axial-free rotation: Every machine unit is driven by independent servo motor and the whole machine adopts 14 servo motors (six-color machines) in total, guaranteeing high precision overprinting in high speed rotation.

4. Positioning system: Every printing unit will automatically move to the preset positions if printing length is input on the main console, greatly saving time and materials during overprinting adjustment.

5. Overprinting system: The transverse and longitudinal movement of every printing unit is controlled by independent motors. (It changes the past manual adjustment of printing units which increases labor intensity and wastes materials). It adopts static image monitoring (standard configuration) and can adjust the transverse and longitudinal overprinting of printed products on main console without stop, effectively improving the quality and productivity of the printed products.

6. Ultra large printing area 300*350mm, maximum circumference 350mm. It adopts high precision computer photoelectric tracking device to ensure both side overprinting and multiply trademark printings.

7. Every printing unit has clutch device, able to separate and stop rotation without printing units, convenient in operation and improving the service life of the machine.

8. Powerful in options: It can select varnish polishing unit and rotary die cutting unit. To make the printed products much glossier, customers can adopt complete polishing and partial polishing according to demands. The die cutting rollers of the rotary die cutting unit can adopt magnetic roller cartridge, free in replacement. Only flexographic die cutters are needed to replace to process different products, enabling printing and die cutting to be completed at one time, simple in operation, low in cost and high in practicability.

9. The touch control computer, quicker operating speed, 12inch ultra large display area, variable human-machine dialogue contents and multidirectional inspection display interface make the simpler operation and real-time display of various fault signals available, greatly reducing checking and repairing time.

10. The machine adopts PS intermittence printing, suitable for printing various batches of high-quality labels. It is the most ideal machine for various printing manufacturers to print high-level adhesive trademarks.

B. Main Technical Specification



Printing speed

50-180 t/Min

Printing color


Max. printing length


Max. web width


Max. printing width


Max. unwinding diameter


Max. rewinding diameter


Power supply

3 phase 380v

Total power

33.6kw (without uv power )

Main machine size (L x W x H)

8850mm x 1600mm x 1850mm

Main Machine weight

About 9.5t

(The technical parameters are subject to change.)

Optional equipment:

1.Round knife cutting unit

2.The use of closed scraping system Varnish coating unit

3.Cold foil unit


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