MJDM-2 Double Conveyor And Stacker

MJDM-2 Double Conveyor And Stacker
Product Details


Stable sheets conveying

Sheets conveying is inverter controlled, timing belt driven, realizes synchronization with production line; five-section conveying ensures stable and smooth delivery.

Automatic sheets counting,

Special vacuum suction/absorbing system, ensures more accurate counting during order change. Pile change when the sheets reach preset amount, and automatic sheet separation according  to order.

Automatic pile expulsion

Inverter control of transverse sheets expulsion, Automatic pile expulsion when the sheets reach preset amount,

Convenient passive roller

Two sections of passive aluminum roller are provided on the output side, which makes it easier for operator to flip and re-pile.

AC servo control of lifting platform

The platform adopts flat-belt, protecting surface of cardboard.

AC servo control of rear–stopper positioning.

According to sheet length, the stopper is located, automatically, accurately and quickly. 

Touch-screen monitor

Standard 5.7? touch-screen monitor and friendly HMI on operator console is used for on-site operating.

Superior working conditions

Individual sealed control cabinet; equipped with industrial air-conditioning system; Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity working conditions ensures longer life-span of electrical components.

Stability and reliability

High-quality raw materials, strict heat treatment, high-precision mechanical processing, ensures stable operation of equipment on the long run.

Use of international branded electrical, pneumatic components, standard parts, ensures high reliability and long service life.

High automation

High-automatic running and control, improve the efficiency, save labors,, and reduce labour intensity

CE approval.

Our products are designed and constructed strictly according to CE standards and have obtained CE approval via SGS.

2.Technical specifications:

Max. sheet length


Max. speed

150,200,250 m/min

Max. stack height

500,1600,1800 mm

Max width


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