MJDM-6 Conveyor And Stacker

MJDM-6 Conveyor And Stacker
Product Details

? Characteristics:

* Automatically stack and collect the paperboard.

* Pneumatic control the transversely output of paperboard, electrical output.  

* Vertical paperboard collecting use width belt for transportation.

* When the paperboard stack to required height, the paperboard is output by switch controlled.

? Technological Parameters:

1.Speed: 60-80m/min?

2. Working width:1600mm?

3. Max. Length of paperboard: 2400 mm?

4. Max.Height of paperboard: 200 mm?

5. Gas: 0.4—0.9Mpa?

6. Steam Pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa?

7. Operation direction: Left or right (design as customer’s workshop.)

? Diameter of the rolls:

1. Belt roll: Ø86mm, Surface of roll is chromeplated and polished.

2.Transversely output roll: Ø124mm Surface of roll is chromeplated and polished.

? Drive Power:

? Main transport motor: 0.75KW     380V    50HZ

? Transversely output motor: 0.55KW    380V    50HZ

? Running power: 0.55KW    380V    50HZ

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