RYBL Automatic Partition Assembler Machine

RYBL Automatic Partition Assembler Machine
Product Details

Application and characteristics

RYBL450 serious automatic partition assembler machine is optimized to be a new partition assembler devices on the basis of absorbing the advantage of equipments at home and abroad in our factory. The equipment takes the place of the traditional manual operation made, automatic complete insertion of clapboard , saving labor costs, effectively improve the production efficiency at the same time. It is the ideal packing equipment of fruit and vegetable, glass ceramic, plastic and so on.

Structure features

1.Suitable for the auto insertion of all kinds of carton clapboard.

2.Vertical direct using vacuum adsorption feeding , landscape orientation using servo feeding , quick and accurate . 

3.Longitudinal and transverse to cross the two pieces of paper at the same time.

4.Longitudinal feeding shaft adopts electric lifting .

5.Landscape orientation feeding worktable lifting adopts electric adjustment . 

6.Electric adjust the clapboard height in landscape orientation . 

7.Output in double work positions, high efficiency and energy saving.

8.Touch screen input control, electric to adjust the clapboard parameters .

9.Comprehensive using of pneumatic and electric control, to ensure the advancement of machine control. 

10.Using compressed air storage tanks for gas centralized supply, gas supply pressure stability, enough gas source.The gas devices get the gas from the primary tracheal , independent control, no influence between each other . 

11.Equipped with fault detection device, auto stop the machine when paper blocking . 

Advantages introduction 

1.Instead of traditional manual operation mode, reduce the manpower cost, high efficiency and energy saving

2.Touching screen configuration, easy operation

3.All parts is made of high quality raw materials, after precision machining equipment, long service life

4.Science advanced mechanical structure, adjust easily in short time, easy to use and maintenance .

5.Purchased components selects the high quality brand products at home and abroad, the quality is guaranteed

Technological parameter


RYBL-450-2 type & BL-450-3 type

Lateral inserting width      A

RYBL-450-2 type

120mm - 900mm

single station

120mm - 420mm

double station

RYBL-450-3 type

120mm - 900mm

single station

120mm - 420mm

double station

Lengthways feeding length     B

120mm - 450mm

Clapboard height         C

120mm - 300mm

Longitudinal seperate distance D

30mm - 250mm

Lateral sperate distance    E

RYBL-450-2 type

50mm - 115mm

2 inserting , double station

50mm - 230mm

2 inserting , single station

50mm - 140mm

4 inserting , single station

RYBL-450-3 type

50mm - 110mm

3 inserting , double station

50mm - 225mm

3 inserting , single station

50mm - 128mm

6 inserting , single station

RYBL-450-4 type

50mm - 90mm

4 inserting , double station

50mm - 180mm

4 inserting , single station

50mm - 90mm

8 inserting , single station

Clapboard slotting width

> paperboard thickness

Clapboard thickness

1.5mm - 8mm

Power supply

Can be customized

Total power

8.0 - 9.0 kw

Design speed

60 sets/min (double station speed)

Economical speed

40 sets/min (double station speed)

Air source pressure

0.6 - 1.0 MPa

Configuration List :  






Auto partition assembler

1 set

Output : double station
Clapboard combinations : crisscross


Paper feeder

1 set


Pneumatic system

1 set

Air compressor : offered by customer


Electric system

1 set

PLC human-computer interface Servo control

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