MJSGL-2 Single Facer Line

MJSGL-2 Single Facer Line
Product Details

Note: For the Single Facer line, we can produce different model roll stand, single facer, and paper cutter as customer’s requirements.


Single facer line is also called 2-layer corrugated paperboard production line. This Single facer Line is composed of Paper Roll stand, Single facer machine, circumvolve paper cutting machine. To use the web paper material single face machine production line, producing and cutting single face corrugated paper as required sizes, it forms the corrugated board with no need drying. This unit has the advantages of reasonable fabric, advanced technology, high quality of production, high efficiency, low workmanship, operation and maintenance easy. This is the preferred equipment for the production of corrugated cardboard of the cardboard factories.

Technological Parameter:

Working Width





Heating method

Electrical heating/Oil heating / Steam heating

Design speed


Economical speed

40-50 m/min

Compress-air pressure


Flute type

Standard flute

UV Flute

Standard spec.


For other type and model, we can produce as customer’s requirement.

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