RYHW02Y Big Width Jumbo Roll Paper Slitting & Rewinding Machine

RYHW02Y Big Width  Jumbo Roll Paper Slitting & Rewinding Machine
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I.Usage and Characteristics

RYHW02Y Slitting & Rewinding machine is specially used for many different kind paper and paperboard, arround 50-550g/m2. It is used for slitting and rewinding the big width rollers to small width rollers. It is widely used for the paper &paperboard production factory, carton production factory and so on.

II.Technological Parameters

1)Paper: 50-600g/m2 

2)Effect working Width: 2500mm

3)Design speed: 400m/min.

4)Working speed: 300m/min.

5)Paper leading model: Down-side leading. 

6)Max. diameter of Raw paper roll: f1500mm

7)Max. Diameter of Finished paper roll: f1500mm






Speed (rpm)



Motor for Roll stand






Fan motor for paper stripping






Oil pump motor of Hydraulic station






Knife Roll motor






Magnetic powder brake



III.Structure introduction

This Slitting & Rewinding machine is composed by Roll stand Device, Slitting Equipment, Frame Combination, Drive system, Supporting Roller Device, Paper roller tighten device, Paper press roller device, Paper leading roller device, Pushing roller device, Adjustable multi-section type movable curved roller device, Electrical control device and Pneumatic control system and other components. 

1.Roll stand device

1)Roll stand device is located in the back of the main machine body, separately stand with the main machine. It is mainly used for supporting the raw paper roll and adding tension for the paper roll when do the rewinding. 

2)This device is composed by Roll stand frame, head, Pneumatic brake, Paper roll head, hydraulic oil cylinder and so on. 

3)There are one set hydraulic oil cylinder in both drive side and operation side, it is used for operation the move of the raw paper roll. Action include relative move, opposite move, left move and rive move. 

4)Head use mechanical expand structure, such as 3’’ and 4’’. 

5)The action of hydraulic oil cylinder is operated by hydraulic station, oil pump motor model Y112M-4,4KW,1500rpm. 

6)There is one worm-wheel worm reducer, it is used for the orientation of the raw paper roll. The paper roll will automatically stop at the middle line of the roll stand, then up it to a suitable place with the electrical up and down machine. 

7)There are each one unit magnetic powder brake in both operation side and drive side, it is used for adjust the tension of paper roll, it is controlled by the operation case. 

2.Slitting Device 

1)It is composed by front-round-knife device, back-round-knife device, frame of front-round-knife device and so on. Back-round-knife diameter is f310, front-round-knife device diameter is f190. 

2)Paper after pass the leading roll, start to slitting. The back-round-knife device is composed by round-knife, axis and so on. Diameter is f310, totally 5units. The knifes are installed on the axis, when adjust the slitting width, just need loosen the screw. The speed of the bottom-round-knife is controlled by AC frequency conversion motor, model: YVP132S-4, 5.5KW. 

3)Front-round-knife is pneumatic adjust, front knives and back knives have totally 5sets. 

3.Frame Combination

1)It is Frame Structure which is composed by bottom rail, front machine frame, back machine frame, ross member and so on.

4.Paper press roller device

1)The function of Paper press roller is to keep the load between paper roll and supporting roller. It is composed with Paper press roller, Slide carriage, Crossbeam and so on. 

2)Diameter of Paper press roller is f270, it is seamless steel pipe, surface is chrome coated, the paper press roller is dynamic balance checked under speed 600m/min. 

5.Drive system

1)Drive system is composed by motor, reducer, 4sets pin coupling and so on. It is used for running of the two units supporting rollers. There is one brake wheel on the coupling which is connecting the reducer and motor, it is used for the emergency brake when paper is cut. 

2)Use AC frequency speed control electrical system, inverter use brand Taiwan Dayuan. 

3)Main motor is AC inverter motor, model is YVP250M-4, 55KW. 

6.Supporting Roller Device

It is composed by front-supporting roller and back-supporting roller, bearings and so on, after dynamic balance checked (based on 600m/min). The function is supporting the paper roll during all the work, make sure there is no vibration during high-speed running, diameter of two rollers are f420, steel, distance between this two rollers is 435mm. 

7.Paper roller tighten device

It is axis-less and pneumatic axis rolling device, it is move up and down in the rain of frame stand, it is composed by support stand, hand-wheel, screw mandrel, nut, cover, pneumatic roller and so on. Turn the hand-wheel, can make the cover move, the cover stand-up-to the pneumatic roll, add the paper core to the pneumatic roller, add air to fix the paper core, down the thumb lock for fix. After the paper roll finish rewinding, take out the thumb block, turn the handle-wheel, then can let the cover out, and take out the paper roll with the Pushing roller device. Will offer 3’’ Pneumatic roller two units. 

8.Curved roll device 

Curved roll device is installed between slitting device and support roller, it is used for making the paper after slitting to go to two sides, in this way, will separate the two rollers very well. It is f200 adjustable multi-section type movable curved roller, it is composed by many rotatable curves, surface is chrome coated. 

9.Pushing roller device

The pushing roller is installed in the front column, it is composed by push axis, rotation arm, air cylinder and so on. This device have three points, one is fix point, used for support cylinder; second is push point, it is the force point of air cylinder pushing the paper roll; third is rotation point, it is the pivot point that the rotation arm rotate. 

10.The first Paper leading roller device 

1)The function of paper leading roller is leading the paper go inside the slitting device smoothly and stably. 

2)Diameter is f270, surface is seamless steel pipe, surface is chrome coated, the paper leading roller is dynamic balance checked (based on 600m/min). 

11.Slitting paper leading roller device 

This leading roller function is make sure the paper place is fixed during the slitting device. Diameter of leading roller is f191, surface is seamless steel pipe, with chrome coated, the paper leading roller is dynamic balance checked (based on 600m/min).

12. Pneumatic control system

1)Pneumatic, hydraulic system is for operation the pneumatic and hydraulic system of rewinding. 

2)Pneumatic air source pressure is 0.6Mpa, stable pressure air. Each function is operated by the operation case, the pressure is shown by the gauge. 

3)The elements of pneumatic control system is installed in the control case. 

A.Pneumatic control following:  

a) The air cylinder of pushing roller device.  

b) The up and down of up-round-knife. 

B.Hydraulic control following:

a)The two units hydraulic oil cylinder of roll stand.

IV.Rollers information


Roller name







22320K  f100/f215/73





22320K  f100/f215/73



First leading roll


2312 f60/f130/46



Slitting leading roll


2312 f60/f130/46



Curved roll


6028  f180/f140/28



Paper pressed roll


1316  f80/f170/39


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