MJBD-5 Automatic Feeding Thin Blade (Slitter Scorer)

MJBD-5 Automatic Feeding Thin Blade (Slitter Scorer)
Product Details

Main Features
Automatic feeding part:

1. Machine adopts screw rod to adjust paperboard Size, only one worker can easy and fast to finish adjust.
2. Paperboard Size adjustment structure which is better adapt to different length paperboard, and paper feeding is stable and accurate.
3. Feeding Belt adopt high quality rubber seamless belt, which can bear great friction force and with long using life
Slitting part:
1. MJBD-5 type slitter score thin blade machine adopt thin blade knife to cut, the knife is sharp after deal with grinding wheel which make the paperboard edge is smooth, and with less flattening problem, this improve the quality of paperboard and will good for the paper feeding on printing machine, also can reduce waste and improve the quality of cartons.
2. Blade Grinding has two ways: grind by hand and automatic grinding, customer can judge the blade grinding time by paperboard cutting speed. Keep knife sharp will make the paperboard edge smooth and orderly.
3. Electric adjust the knife distance, pneumatic lock and fixation automatically. Manual adjust the score line width. Machine adopt independent single knife lift device which can adjust according to the quantity of paperboard you want to cut; this machine can adjust cutter size with different wear degree arbitrarily.
First feed paper by pastern axes, second is paper slitting, third pull paper by pastern axes and finally creasing score line on paperboard. For the last step of creasing can set the depth of the score line, slitting part adopt the high steel slitter knife, transmission knife drive by timing belt, customer can change knife very fast. Machine adopts pastern axes to pull paper which is much better than the normal machine.
Main parameters:

Max. Slitting width:


Max. machine speed:

120 m/min

Quantity of slitter knife:


Quantity of score wheel


Min. slitting width


Min. Score width


Outer diameter of slitter knife


Thickness of slitter knife


Power of main motor


Power of Fan


Pneumatic pressure


Min. paperboard width (distance between the two rubber axes)


Note: The sizes can be chosen by customer's requirement.

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