RYH-A High Speed Twin-box Folder Gluer Machine

RYH-A High Speed Twin-box Folder Gluer Machine
Product Details

RYH-A High speed twin-box glue machine

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Product Intruction
RYH-A high speed double pieces folder gluer can do double AA, double AB and single piece carton gluing and forming. This machine can replace traditional manual work, and benefit by its specific working method, it can increase the production capacity and quality effectively.
Machine adopts frequency speed control, PLC central control and analog digital conversion devices, cooperate with high speed magnetic clutch that make movement control more accurately.
Machine has independent sheet feeding system and equipped with strong vacuum suction air fan that can feed both double pieces and single piece sheet.
Sheet can be glued while running and positioning at four directions, accurate and fast.  

Compare with normal old type:
The machine is specially used to fold and glue AB papers (2 pcs of corrugated paper) into cartons Present AB carton produce methods: 1. Traditionally manual glue and stick together. 2. Old style folder and gluer glue and then manual stick.  With the above 2 methods, labor intensity is high and efficiency is low and the stick precision and quality is hard to control. 3. AB paper folder and gluer resolved the above problems with advanced working method.

1. The feeding unit of the machine has two paper board stack to hold AB two pieces of papers, which helps to improve the production efficiency. Below adopt the air sucking structure, which is conducive to improve transport efficiency and accuracy.
2. Connecting unit adopts hot melt adhesive, four side gauge positioning, ensuring accurate register and high precision.
3. Folding unit adopts manual fold, which resolve the problem of hard to confirm fold place. The overlap margin can be controlled effectively.
4. The machine can be operated by two persons. One stacks papers and collect finished job. The other fold the papers and feed them into compressing belt. The whole machine is of easy operation even for green hand.

Technological Parameter


RYH 2000A

RYH 2200A

Max. paper size

1000 × 720mm

1100 × 820mm

Min. paper size

450 × 320mm

450 × 320mm

Thickness of sheet

From A to E flute & under 8mm 5 ply sheet

Working Speed


Total power



Overall dimension



Note: We can make size based on your requirement.

Machine photo

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